Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions. However, we are always available to answer any additional questions you may have.

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Financial Planning

What is the cost of the Wealth Focus Financial Planning tool? Free! We don’t charge a fee and you are able to utilize the system in its entirety. There isn’t a “pro” version or any upgrades available because we give you the entire system for free with no obligations. We decided to make it available at no charge because we believe that it is important for everyone to have a good focus on their financial world, and it shouldn’t cost you a penny.

*What if I talk to an advisor? Our financial planning online tool will always be available to you at no charge however, there are fees associated when working with a financial advisor. Please contact us for more information about personal financial planning and any associated fees.

Is my information secure? Absolutely. All site credentials and sensitive client information are encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm (Rijndael) with unique 256-bit keys per user. All master passwords are also encrypted with a different 256-bit global key. What does all of this mean? That your data is always safe and protected.

Can my advisor see my plan? Yes. We do have the ability to see your dashboard so we are able to work with you on developing your plan further or possibly filling in any missing areas of your plan.

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Investment Mgmt.

**Is the risk assessment truly no-cost? Yes, we do not charge you for this evaluation and there is no obligation for you to work with an advisor or for you to sign up for any other system within the Wealth Focus platform because you have completed this assessment.

What is the cost of the Wealth Focus Investment Management System? While we aren’t the most inexpensive option in the industry, we do provide an affordable platform with an annual fee starting under 1%. This pricing structure gives you access to a powerful management tool, managed portfolios, tactically managed funds, and the ability to work with your financial advisor.

*What if I want to talk to an advisor? Sometimes managing your investments can be overwhelming and although our system is extremely user-friendly, there may be unseen details that could be important in understanding investment oversight. Thus, we provide a personalized option to our asset management system. There can be fees associated when working directly with a financial advisor. Please contact us for more information about personalized investment management and any associated fees.

What will I have access to? Once you have opened your account, you will be able to build your portfolio, track your holdings and access performance reports. You will also have the ability to integrate your new investment account into your Wealth Focus financial planning tool, giving you a central dashboard for easy viewing of your portfolio and its interactions with your overall financial plan.

Who is able to view my dashboard? You and your advisor are the only two people who have access to your financial portal. We have the ability to access your account so we are able to work with you when you may have questions or concerns about your portfolio.***

Find additional information on the Digital Investment Platform by visiting our Client Learning Center


Insurance Planning

Where does my quote goOnce you hit “apply” our in-house service team will reach out to you. Located in Sandy, Utah, our team will then coordinate with you to answer any additional questions you may have, gather any additional information that may be needed, and schedule your paramedical exam, if required.

What happens after my paramedical exam? Once your exam is complete, and the carrier has made you an offer for the policy, we will help you to review and either accept or decline coverage.

Can I follow up on the status of a policy? Certainly! You can contact your advisor by clicking below.

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***There are fees associated when working with a financial professional. Please contact us for more information on the costs associated with personalized financial planning and investment management

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